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Capital Gains Calculator

This Capital Gain Calculator will give you a preliminary estimate of your total State and Federal tax liability without regard for any Capital Loss or Passive Loss Carryovers that you may have available as offsets, or for the effects of the Alternative Minimum Tax on any Capital Gain you would realize. Please consult your income tax advisor for an accurate calculation based upon your specific situation.

Please select the time frame within which the purchase was made, then supply each blue box with a figure. Do Not Use commas!

Property owned over 12 Months     
Property owned under 12 Months  


1. Calculate Net Adjusted Basis
Original Purchase Price of Relinquished Property   $
Capital Improvements   $
Less: Depreciation Taken BEFORE May 7, 1997   $
Cost Basis   $
Less: Depreciation Taken AFTER May 7, 1997   $
Net Adjusted Cost Basis = $

2. Calculate Gain on Sale   
Gross Sales Price   $
Less: Cost of Sale
(commissions, fees, etc.)
Net Sales Price   $
Less: Cost Basis   $
Total Capital Gain = $

3. Calculate Taxes Due
Recapture of Depreciation Taken AFTER May 7, 1997 (25%)  $
Federal Long Term Capital Gain Rate (15%) $
Federal Short Term Capital Gain
(ordinary income tax)
Your State Tax Rate  % $
Total Federal and State Taxes Due = $

4. Calculate Equity After Payment of Taxes
( assuming no exchange)

Gross Sales Price   $
Less: Cost of Sale
(commissions, fees, etc)
Less: Current Principal Balance of Loans   $
Gross Equity Pre Tax = $
Less: Total Federal and State Taxes Due = $
Equity After Federal and State Taxes = $

5. To Complete an Exchange Without Paying Taxes
Purchase a Replacement Property or Combination of Properties Worth   $
Invest Gross Pre Tax Equity as Down Payment = $

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