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Why Use IES as Your Qualified Intermediary?

We know that there are other companies which purport to provide similar services to what we provide; some of them are almost as good as we are, and we know that we are better than many of our competitors.

On the basis of the quality of the service which you will receive, and the care and attention to detail that we devote to each transaction, and each client, we believe our service is superior.

We are a boutique firm:  We do not handle tens of thousands of transactions a year, like a "mill".  The 3 senior principals of the firm and the exchange coordinator staff, are present to serve you, to answer your questions. There are two attorneys on the staff, and although you specifically acknowledge, in the Exchange Agreement, that we are not providing you with tax or legal advice, and you disclaim any right to rely on the legal and/or tax advice given, because of the very nature of providing QI services, we are willing to discuss legal and tax ramifications with you and your legal and tax advisors, and provide you with what we believe would be the outcome of certain hypothetical transactions.  If you wish to have a legal "opinion" as to a specific outcome, you will need to engage separate legal and/or tax advisors.

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