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Benefits of Using IES

We answer vital questions for investors and their advisors considering an exchange before entering into contract.
Provide authoritative & prompt answers to individuals and companies since 1980.
Eliminate the risk of constructive receipt, thereby protecting the tax deferred status of the exchange.
We work with the exchanger and the real estate broker to ensure proper identification of the replacement property within the 45 day period following close of escrow of the relinquished property.
Preserve and transfer the exchangers' total equity into the new investment property by deferring income tax liability.
Provide material assistance in avoiding the need for a simultaneous closing, which can be quite difficult to accomplish.
Prepare standard documents which simplify the process and clearly establish the exchange.
Act as an information resource resulting in a smoother, simplified transaction closing.
Specialize in solving complex problems which investors may face during their transactions.
Provide a tax planning "fallback" position for investors who are unable to complete their exchange within the required time frame.

A Section 1031 Exchange Benefits the Exchanger by:

Estate preservation.
Equity preservation.
Increased buying power because of greater cash flow.
Increased selling power because the federal capital gain tax liability is deferred.
Exchange for property with an increased income (more rental units, higher rental income per unit, lower operating expenses, easier to rent location, etc.).
Exchange for property that requires less management.
Exchange for property that is easier to finance.
Consolidate smaller properties into a larger property.
Diversify a large property into several smaller properties.

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