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Ralph B. Bunje, Jr. CPA, MBA (Tax), MS (Accounting), CES

Ralph has been advising clients on Section 1031 matters since 1978 and was a founder of Independent Exchange Services, Inc. in 1980. He has over twenty–five years of practical experience in financial management, accounting, income tax matters, investment banking, real estate finance, tax–deferred exchanges and organizational development. He has successfully managed merger, acquisition, reorganization, financing, joint venture, bankruptcy, problem assets and organizational engagements for clients. Ralph is a past President and current Director of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, as well as the President and Co Founder of Reverse Exchange Services, Inc.

Ian Bunje, CES
Executive Vice President

For more than a decade, Ian Bunje has coordinated and facilitated Section 1031 exchanges, and is responsible for the investment oversight of over $300 million of assets under the Group’s management. A Certified Exchange Specialist (CES®), he began his career in the hospitality industry. He is currently Regional Vice President for the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, and a Council Member of the Certified Exchange Specialist (CES®) governing body. He holds a BS degree from Willamette University, Oregon, and a Culinary Arts degree from the California Culinary Academy.

Frank Nishimoto, CPA
Vice President/Comptroller

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